What is the Point?

What is the Point?                               By Sparky, aka Ron Phillips

Do you do anything without a point?  I mean anything?

Do you go to the store for no reason, even if to just look around, there is a point?

Is there a point to eating or feeding your pet?

Did you just pick the first person you thought you’d like or was there a point to pick the spouse you have now? Now if you’re sorry for it now and you want a divorce that’s a new point.

Did you have children? Wasn’t there a point? Or was it an accident? Did you keep them anyway? What was the point? Are you sorry now, and for what point?

What’s my point in keeping about 30 Superior chocolate bars in the cabinet? I don’t want to run out.

What’s the point of a vacation?

Do you correct people when they are wrong? And what is your point? I know it’s to help them be more correct, OR is it to be right yourself? There is always a point in any spoken or written word.

Now here is a question I really want you to mule over.

What's the point of living

What is the point of your life? I mean what is the point of you?

Is it possible the Bible was written with a point in mind? If you feel there was no point in the Bible, why? And if so you must have a point for your life yourself and I sure would like to know what you feel that point would be?

Many people contributed to the writing of the Bible. In fact, the Bible is a diverse collection of writings from about 40 main contributors—30 in the Old Testament and 10 in the New Testament.

Can you honestly say all these people simply had no point in the writing and were just wasting their time or was there a point?

Just like everything there was a point, it’s not yours it’s God’s Point. Do I know what His point is? Not really, but the Bible says it was to have companions in Heaven. That’s good enough for me how about you?