The Great Salt Myth

Salt Myth

THE SALT MYTH  by Sparky

Research proves the vast majority of people, natural salt (sea salts) Consumption does not raise blood pressure.

Removing table salt and replacing it with potassium, magnesium and sodium salt about half of 20 elderly’s hypertension dropped 11 points drop in their daytime systolic blood pressure. And it turns out that natural sea salt is rich in natural potassium, magnesium and sodium helps to normalize healthy blood pressure levels.

If you’re not sensitive to sodium, your high blood pressure probably stems from a lack of the correct proportions of calcium, magnesium and potassium.

Salt is basically sodium chloride and sodium ions, these two components are necessary for all known living creatures. Good chloride helps your body to absorb potassium. Chloride is the key to balanced stomach acidity, and helps to maintain the proper pH balance and increases the elimination of CO2 from your blood. However, table salt is a different story. Table salt has ZERO trace elements and your body can’t use it. Sstandard table salt lost its essential qualities.

Add a dash of genuine sea salt or Himalayan pink salt to water you’re releasing powerful, ion-charged minerals and trace elements. Without these minerals your body can produce electricity and slowly drowns in its own CO2. Death can be caused by a severe pH imbalance called acidosis a severe acid pH, is high blood pressure. HBP can also be triggered from dehydration, it is important to keep hydrated.