Sparky and White Magic

Sparky’s trip: white magic to Christ

Life is a funny thing, it is up and down, valley and hill, light and darkness, knowledge and dispare, broke and wealthy, disbelief and belief, and independence and dependence.
Disbelief and Belief, and independence and Dependence
Sparky accepted the Lord Jesus Christ as his Saviour around age twenty. It was a wonderful feeling and as he meets new Christians he received the feeling again, and again. However, he lost the loving feeling, and even the remembrance of the feeling when he read a small book, “The key to Yourself” by Vincent Bloodworth, a white magic book. That little book, with no authority, is when he went from Belief to disbelief, and didn’t even know it. Sparky went from the light to the dark and became an independent person rather than one dependent upon God.
Later in life Sparky came in contact with “The Nature of the Soul”, a white magic class which then became a part of his life. The class confirmed he was on the right path of independence, for now he was meditating on the betterment of mankind, and without my knowing it, he became a believer of the god within himself. Satan works in devious ways, if he had been in black magic I would have known he was on the side of the Devil. However all Satan has to do is remove Christ from your thoughts and you have switched sides. Sparky thought he could change things independently with the help of other good souls for the betterment of mankind. Sparky had a stack of Alice Bailey’s books and he didn’t know her mentor one of the persons behind Hilters black magic occult beliefs.
Alice Bailey, successor to Annie Besant as president of the Theosophical Society, wrote:
“Man understands meaning when he identifies with his soul and not his form: then he will deliberately choose to die.”
Just a page on the occult if you are interested:

Hmm. If only he had known.
At around forty five Sparky was re-introduced to Christ by my son, Wade Phillips. At the time he was really good at slicing and dicing a Christian telling them how wrong they were for Sparky knew more about white magic than they did their faith. However, he knew if he tried these tactics on his son, his son would not spend time with him. Therefore he listened to Wade and in the end decided to include Christ in his meditation. After Sparky read a couple of Christian books including one that proved the Bible to be true, he turned his soul back to Christ. There is more to this story and will be discussed sometime in Sparky’s Point.
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