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I would like to share my experience with a shipping company from the U.S. named PuntoMio in Florida. I had heard of this company from an expat blog with good reviews, so I thought I would give it a try since I always go with a UPS Near Me, I wanted to support something more local. I went to their web site and signed up by paying the annual membership. Then I made a small clothing order from a familiar u.s. store, and waited. The store called me to verify I had placed the order and they asked me if the order was going to a shipping clearing house, at the end of the short call, all was o.k… I received continuous tracking emails from both company’sI did not have to provide an invoice copy to PuntoMio. I was sent an email when my package cleared customs, then about 4 days later, I got a phone call from a gentleman in Quito asking for directions to my house for delivery…. It was 13 days from the night I placed my internet order, to the day of delivery. In this case, the delivery man asked me if I could meet him in front of the Munipal bldg. as he was coming from Quiroga and wanted to head back that way, but in future he will come to my houseI was truly surprised because I assumed that my package was coming by mail, to the post office! But, I got the call from the man in Quito at night. He said they would deliver the next day before noon, well, the next morning he called at 6:30 a.m. telling me the delivery guy, (on his motorcycle) had my package and would be here by 9a.m. and he was right, the guy was only 5 min. late. So, PuntoMio gets 4 stars from me, so far….. They are great about sending sale notices and I really like that they stay in communication with you and are easy to get in touch with. And their website is in English or spanish… here is their link if you’d like to give them a try……

this recommendation came from another Cotacachi Resident but we are going to check them out :)

1st kilo $15.00
Each addl. kilo $6.00
Rest of Ecuador
1st kilo $17.00
Each addl. kilo $6.00
Quito (in US Dollars)
1 kilo $15.00
2 kilos $21.00
3 kilos $27.00
4 kilos $33.00
5 kilos $39.00
6 kilos $45.00
7 kilos $51.00
8 kilos $57.00
9 kilos $63.00
10 kilos $69.00