Interpreter good or bad?

An interpreter can be a good or bad thing.  The interpreter, we had we treated like a daughter.  Linda went shopping with her and we both bought gifts for her on occasions.  She got sick one time and called us, not her family.  We took her into our home for a week and brought her back to health.   Over the course of a year she was able to take $3,000 dollars by stating the dentist wanted extras like implants in cash.  In Ecuador it appears to steal is simply OK, and if you are new, you can be taken as we were.  I don’t mention the girls name her, however, be wary when too many appointments are changed at the last minute, when at the last minute you call her and she says she is happy you called she has run out of minutes and the appointment has been changed, when you are asked to pay cash without a receipt.   Some people are habitual liars and can make anything sound true.  The letter below was sent to the dentist who did our work and it was a bad job, if you want to read that story, it’s here on the recommendation page.   I will not be reporting on this any further, for Linda and I don’t want to dwell on the bad things in life.  Those who wrong others will get what they deserve in the end.

If you would like to read the DENTIST STORY go:  HERE

I called L. to make an appointment next week. Unfortunately she is in Guayaquil and claims she won’t be back for a couple of weeks till our next appointment. If you desire we can have our appoint a day ahead of time and have the discussion with L. on the day the appointment is to be made. It is up to you.

I want to confirm that Linda and I have never changed an appointment in all the time we have spent with you, never. We would have been on time at each appointment if it had not been for L. running late.

I also want to state it was L. that has caused us not to recommend you because of her lateness. We were told by L. you wouldn’t take any American unless L. was present for fear of being sued. She stated you had had problems in the past. Since we didn’t speak Spanish we had to take her word for it and did for we really like L. as a person and spend a lot of time with her on a friendship basis. However, as a business person she fails to be responsible.

I have also not been happy with L. as to what was going on in my mouth, for many times she would say one thing and then she would change it or the way something was supposed to happen it didn’t happen that way.

It breaks my heart to be writing this letter for I know our friendship with L. will be finished which includes all the days she spends with Linda shopping. It saddens me about this, but I have no choice. She has put herself in this predicament.

With the receptionist I also feel a problem. The week I brought in $2,000 dollars she counted the money and then tried to give me a receipt for $1,000, I caught it and asked for another receipt for $1,000. She recounted the money and gave me a $2,000 dollar receipt. That date was March 22nd, I don’t if that was on purpose or an accident, but it was scary to think she could forget she had counted $2,000 the first time.

In our defense of not requesting a receipt, we used to be in the painting business and many times we took a cash or partial cash job so as not to have to pay taxes on the money. Therefore, when L. mentioned you wanted the extras in cash we didn’t question her, and thought it was business as usual. The cash figures we paid were what L. told us you needed and she was present each time we paid the secretary. L. got totally upset with me when I told her I wouldn’t give her the $2,500 which I gave to you personally. On May 16th the $800 cash payment was supposed to be for Linda’s temporary bridge saying you needed the money to pay the lab.

We really appreciate all you have done for both of us and as far as any of the cash other than the $2,500 we are willing to take responsibility for the losses. We in no way expect you to be responsible for it, it saddens us that it happened, however we both were blind sided on this issue. Actually, we should have emailed you several months ago regarding the situation.

We are with the understanding you have an interpreter in the building that could have serviced us and knowing this, we will be recommending you in the future. We were told by L. that the interpreter, you do have in the building charged $1.00 a minute and that Larry skipped out on that fee owing you $30.00. I confronted Larry on this and he knew nothing about it. We are now under the impression there is no charge.

Please let us know what you want to do, when you want us to come to your office for any reason. We will be there at the moment you request. Linda and I are very happy and we are looking forward to the day of the BBQ that you mentioned. Also, I will be setting up a visit after Christmas to bring you another bottle of Jack Daniels Honey. In our opinion you are a very good friend to us and you have been very kind.

Thanks for everything, Ron and Linda