Our Errors in Life can make our Lives Better

AttitudeThe Point of this post is to keep a great  attitude to keep our turmoils, stress and crisis  maintained and to a minimum.

What are the turmoils in life we as humans go through.  Some are caused by errors we have committed on our own, others are stress put upon us by others.  What is your turmoil or crisis now?  We all know to error is human, but not to error means you are doing nothing.   Therefor the turmoil or crises we have at this moment is an error of our own or stress someone had given us.

Who doesn’t have turmoil or stress in their life?  What about you now?  Turmoils and stress can turn into a crisis and our health diminishes.  Has this happened to you is it happening now?

To error in life make us think about being stronger a crisis makes us stronger once the crisis is over, if we have passed the test, if we have won the battle.  Sharing with you one of my crisis in life and at age 71 there have been many gives the crisis a meaning.  However, no error, no turmoil, and no crisis have turned off my sense of humor.

Now that it is over and the test has been passed, my first bout with cancer was in my opinion God helping me turn around my life.  It would be an error not to believe this the case.  With that in mind you could say I was lucky to have cancer since my life did in fact turn around.  Along with this change in life I am stronger in will and can better  relate to others with their crisis.  The only way to pass these tests, the error, turmoil, or crisis presented us is to view them in a positive way.

Before I continue it is my opinion God most likely views these life changing items as a lesson and since it is free it’s a gift.  This opinion comes from my feelings due to what has been experienced in my life, the tests passed and won.  I feel they all had their purpose and therefore must have been a gift.

I was around thirty three, had a good business a happy home and a great wife, Linda.  We lived in Irvine California in a nice neighborhood.  A lump began to form on my neck, and as it grew larger, Linda and I decided it had to be diagnosed.  It turned out to be cancer of the Lymph nodes on the right side.

I had an operation for the cancer and they cut it out, giving me a 12” cut on the right side of my neck and removing the lymph nodes on that side.  I’ll never forget the second day the doctor came in and told me I would never be able to use my arm over my head.

When he left I remember laying back on that bed and saying to myself, “He is wrong, I’m going to be able to use my arm over my head.”  At the time I didn’t know it, but they had cut the nerve going to the traipse muscle for the right shoulder during the operation.  A big mistake for me, however, attitude is everything in winning a crisis.

The next day I asked the doctor if there was anything I could do to hurt the stitching.  His answer was, no harm to the stitches, however pain could be the results of my actions.  The night of the surgery I had to stay awake almost all night to keep them from giving me an injection for pain, which in my opinion was not necessary.  When we relieve bodily pain with medicine our own endorphins shut down.  My total medication for pain was two aspirins.

Movement was my concern not pain.   When he left the room I took my IV and its wheels and headed down the hall to meet the other folks in their rooms.  I would stop at each doorway and start a conversation.  With this conversation I discovered my crisis was not as bad as many others.  The big plus was with a proper attitude I was able to get them to smile it turned out to be a fun experience.

All this time, where my right arm was?  It was up in the air against the wall, I was keeping that arm up and moving it on the wall.  Today I use my right arm over my head, oh, it’s not as good as many other folks, but the doctor was wrong.  Now you might ask.  So, again how could this experience be a blessing?

I changed my way of life, I ate better, I began reading about how I could be my own doctor, very important thing to do when a medical problem arises.  I became a layman in Homeopathy and cured many people of things that weren’t even cured by the normal medical standards.  I did it for free since I’m not a doctor, to this day I’m happy to help whenever I can with what I know and what was given to me as a gift from God.

Actually cancer ended up leading me to the Lord along with my son, Wade.  How could I possibly feel the cancer I had wasn’t a gift from God?  I use what I learned from the cancer ever day of my life.

The best thing a person can do with trauma, stress and a crisis is, keep a great attitude, prove to everyone that this mishap is going to make you stronger.  Not to do this is a big error in life.  When a doctor tells you what your crisis is learn all you can about it, be your own doctor first, trust your own instincts.

To help you along, read something funny, watch funny cartoons, do something that will keep your humor up.  See what you can do to make others laugh at your predicament by making light of it.  Perhaps becoming more comical and learning to laugh it off and love life is the gift you are actually getting from God.

Keep in mind He does have reasoning behind all His actions, look for the real reason for this gift.  How is it going to make you stronger?  Don’t expect an answer right away, could be a few years down the road before you say, “Thank you God for that gift, I now know the reason for it.”   However, it could be a lot sooner, it really depends if your are looking for it or not.  It depends on the positive side, it depends on your attitude.  Laughter is the best medicine there is and guess what?  It’s a gift from God also and it’s free.

The Point is attitude means everything, keep a good attitude and our turmoils, stress and crisis can be maintained and kept to a minimum.

Love Sparky