Linda and Ron?

What about marriage?

Linda and I have been happily married since Valentine’s day, 1976.   We feel one (1) person and one (1) person becoming partners for life doesn’t make two (2),  it equals eleven (11).  The point is this can only happen when both partners in the marriage are trying to make each other look good.   This can only happen when each partner is allowed by the other to have their own life included in the partnership.   This can only happen when each partner allows the other to give them unconditional love while giving the same.

In life there are always rough patches and, yes, we have had our share.   Happiness in a marriage, just as in life, is a full time commitment and a lot of work, but the rewards are great.  Above all else, work extra hard to be happy in your marriage because if you’re happy in marriage, the rest of the life’s happiness just seems to fall in place.

Now for a bit of truth!  Sparky’s life goal is to be as ornery as possible for Linda, so what does that mean?   For me, it’s being a little mischievous and having a lot of laughter by looking for the silly, fun things in life and trust me, those things are all around us and are easy to find if we just look for them.  It means trying to look at the bright side when everything is falling apart.  It means today isn’t the rest of our life, tomorrow is another day. Seems we’re all so busy with day to day living that we alow those silly, fun things pass us by without notice while they could be remembered and cherished moments.

Linda edits the Points of my site because sometimes my fingers just fly like crazy on the keyboard.  She attempts to add a word here or there to help my sentences make more sense.  Glad we got that out of the way.

Sparky also likes to show off a few of his favorite photos, all of which are all his unless otherwise noted.