Dr. Jean Saint-Eloi

Dr. Jean Saint-Eloi  is in Cuenca Ecuador.  

He is very knowledgeable about any illness  he speaks perfect English, trained in the USA, China, and Ecuador.  

Dr. Jean is an artist when it comes to acupuncture.  I have been to many acupuncturist and some use a great number of needles, called the shotgun method, making sure he covers his ass, and taking care of your problem.  However, a confident doctor, like Dr. Jean, uses very few needles knowing where to place them for a cure.  

I have also had procaine injections, called neural therapy before, however, Dr. Jean was very gentle and gave the injection with very little pain.  Here is the last paragraph of an article I read about procaine.  

Procaine is the safest most useful medication have encountered in my 40 year medical career. Procaine has so many unique and restorative functions that practicing medicine without it would be far less effective and gratifying.

For the entire article go HERE

I highly recommend Dr. Jean, he is a specialist in the curing of cancer, along with just about anything else.  I had cancer of the lymph nodes in 1980 and 90.  Both times I was told I’d be dead in 6 months, both times I was cured with unorthodox medicine.  From my research and experience I would have been dead within five years each time if I had followed the orthodox method and I would have been miserable due to chemo and radiation.   

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Here is Dr. Jean’s cell phone number in Ecuador.   099-985-6641      Skype number is:  561 283-7168

His email is:  jean_eloi@yahoo.com 

If you have questions please feel free to notify:  sparkyspoint@outlook.com