Bad Dentist Work

The dentist who did my work did a terrible job, it appears more than half of his work will be replaced and with Linda all of his work will be replaced.  Below is a letter I sent him, which he never answered.  To bring the work up to date I have three cracked teeth that will be replaced soon and I have had three already replaced.  I sent another letter with updated in the subject line.  He never opened the letter, I know this because my email system tells me who opens my mail.  He did send a return email basically saying he was no longer responsible due to our seeing another dentist.  If you have any questions email me.  Thanks, Sparky

If you would like to read the interpretive story go: HERE

Here’s what’s happening since we left your office.
My lower back right tooth was removed and an x-ray showed the root of the tooth behind that one was not totally removed. The surgeon said to do nothing because the odds are it won’t be a problem. But, he said all the root should have been removed and an implant installed to support the upper back tooth.

I also had the lower back left tooth removed. It was cracked and was way too high not allowing normal chewing. It also had a huge composite and a cavity beneath it, which has killed the nerves. Tomorrow I will have a root canal and a post added to support the cap. Instead, you should have put an implant there to support a good cap

I am told it is a possibility that I could lose many of my teeth because you didn’t put on temporary teeth. I’m told they had no protection for too many months and the roots may be dying or dead and later will need to be removed or get root canals. I take some of the responsibility because I told you I’d keep them clean, but I didn’t know they could die. You, being a doctor, should have known this and told me I had to protect the teeth.

The first dentist I visited said I needed 14 of the teeth you placed in my mouth removed due to the enamel being ground off or the caps do not come up to the gum line or they are too close or too far apart.

I decided to go another dentist, and that dentist said to remove those two back teeth I mentioned above. Then she will do a cleaning every 3 months and check them each time to see what needs to be done.

When Linda went to a couple dentists, the results of the work you did is even worse. According to the x-rays, you put the front teeth on too soon, the implants needed another couple of months to be totally secure. Her front teeth look terrible because they don’t fit her. The three front teeth are too short and there’s a huge, ugly gap. Now, every dentist she has visited say she has to wait another two months before she can have your caps removed. Then she will have to have temps put in and wait for the gum line to grow around the temporary teeth before she can have new pretty ones put in place.

We told you she did not want metal in her mouth and you put in metal. To add to the problem the metal is exposed due to the crowns not reaching the gum line. It could take Linda a year before she finally gets new pretty teeth in front.

All the dentists we’ve visited say none of the Linda’s caps fit properly. They say bacteria is getting under all her crowns which is really bad. So, now her mouth is worse than it was before you did any work.

Due to our limited income, we may never have all our teeth the done properly. We drew the money out of savings for you, depended on you and trusted you were doing it right.

I truly don’t understand what happened. I did as you told me, I liked and respected you, in other words I TRUSTED YOU AS A FRIEND and a dentist, and you did me wrong. I will agree you eliminated lots of infection and inflammation so perhaps I am better off than when I first visited your office.

I’m happy I didn’t recommend you till you were done. Unfortunately for you I have to tell them I’m so sorry I recommended you to my wife because she is worse shape now after spending several thousand dollars.

How would you feel if this happened to you. You spent a hundred or so hours in a dentist chair spent several thousand dollars and then found that half of the work needed to be redone.

Now I understand we were somewhat guinea pigs in your learning the dental trade. I actually respect you from the point that you tried, however, in trying you should have completed the job with success and so far that hasn’t happened. If you care to do the right thing and fix what you started I’d be willing to allow you to do so.

I’m paying for the two lower back crowns to be replaced and I’d pay to have the root taken out of the lower back right tooth and an implant in that location. What I’d expect you to do is over the next year replace the other crowns that need replaced for the cost of the crown, that would be your cost that has to be less than a hundred dollars.

Actually, I would be willing to pay you $100 each to replace the other crowns, which may be around $1,200 total. I’m also willing to do a tooth a month over the next year so as not to be a burden on you. This would give you a chance to make sure all the teeth fit properly when finished. You would also be able to use my mouth as a reference which could be risky at this time.

Now I really do like you, I do in fact feel you did the best you could and therefore I have not gone public on the work you did for us. I am sorry to say I have had to tell people I don’t recommend the dentist that did my work. If you were to do what is right, I feel I could recommend you for normal dental work, however, to be honest, I feel until you have more experience implants should be done by a surgeon.

Many years ago I painted an older gentlemen driveway and it peeled. It was a very big driveway and I should have never painted it, I didn’t have the experience. It has been 50 years now, but on occasions I think of that man having to pay someone else to sandblast the paint off that I applied and then either not paint it or pay to have it repainted. I did that man wrong and I think of it often.

I feel saddened for you that 50 years from now you wished you had taken me up on my offer above for some things just never leave the mind. By being responsible for the work you have done, you will be a better man. You will feel proud you did what was right for years to come. I would really like to and want to give you another big bottle of Jack Daniels Honey next Christmas.