Behind the scene for Sparky’s Points

Ronald LeRoy Phillips, was born in 1941 and has made a lot of errors in his life.  If he could have a do over, there would be some changes.    For this reason he devotes some of his time to Sparky’s Points.  These Points, if known before they happened could have been useful in his life and the essence of the Points are useful now even in his retired years.

Sparky feels in sharing his errors and experiences may be useful to someone else.  Sparky’s dad, Harold C. Phillips use to say to Sparky, “You can learn from an older persons experience if you only listen”.  When younger Sparky did listen to older persons and enjoyed hearing their life stories, but then he got older and became to smart to really appreciate the experiences of others.  If he hadn’t been so smart he may have had more monetary value at the age of 71.  Now he has found he wasn’t so smart after all, however has lots of life stories of many errors to make a Point.

If you’re a young adult or in the working class you may find some of the Points helpful, Sparky sure would have.  Actually Sparky shouldn’t be so hard on himself.  If he hadn’t been so highly opinionated and bullheaded he wouldn’t have these Points to share.  Notice the third person Sparky, perhaps I’m using him so I, Ron Phillips don’t have to admit to so much error in life.

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Just for the record, now that you are here while there are many errors in Sparky’s life many of the life stories are just simply good Points or stories.  So, why the emphasis in error?  For the same reason Ron is using his nickname, Sparky, for the Points.  Using error and Sparky with Points makes it easier to find him on the internet.  However, this is the only place I, me, Ron, will be making a Point of this, so, if you haven’t read this you don’t know the whole story.  Hmmm!