Statin Drugs side effects

From the desk of Jenny Thompson:

Dear Reader,

Statin drugs are the chronic repeat offenders of the drug world. The list of warnings and side effects keeps getting longer and longer — and more and more dire.

Because now we know that taking statins could lead to blindness. And while the mainstream media reports are treating it like it’s no big deal, they’re looking at it all wrong.

Believe me…it’s a very big deal.

If you’re over 55 and taking a statin, talk to your doctor about this new study…immediately.

Cataracts occasionally occur in young people, but this debilitating condition is most common after your mid-50s.

And it’s no fluke that risk jumps dramatically for statin users. As one of the new reports explains, “The body needs high levels of cholesterol to maintain a clear lens.”

Well, you don’t need to be a rocket scientist to do the math on this one…

Statins drive your cholesterol down to the lowest possible level. So forcing your cholesterol to sub-human levels leaves your eyes in deep trouble.

In this new study, cataract risk was nearly 30 percent higher with the statin users. But I think they set up the study to give them the best possible results and the real risk is much, much higher.

You see, the age range for this study was 30 to 85. Now how different do you think it would have been if the range was where it should have been — in the actual zone for cataract risk…like, say 55 to 85?

No doubt, the results would have been closer to another statin study I told you about where cataract risk soared to 50 percent.

But this new study did admit one additional vital detail. Researchers found that the longer you take a statin, the greater your cataract risk.

That’s devastating, because the Big Pharma genius of statin drugs is that it’s a life sentence. Once you start, you don’t stop. Ever. So with each passing year, your precious sight is in greater and greater danger.

Of course, that works just fine for them…if you take statins long enough, they figure you won’t be able to read the ever-growing list of side effects.