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Why spend time pondering over Sparky’s errors and his testimony of his life?

Sparky’s Points are a mixture of happening or incidents which Ron Phillips has experienced. And what is the Point? Good question. Ron Phillips aka Sparky sure could have done better in life, he ended up monetarily less than average and that’s why he is down in Ecuador another Point covered later. However, he, in his opinion, had a very exciting life born in 1941 he would like to share his errors, and experiences with others so they may learn, laugh, ponder, comment and share from his words of wisdom. Notice wisdom was used not intelligence or advice. Sparky’s does feel, just perhaps from his experiences others may not make some of those errors in their own life.
If you follow Sparky very close you will find changes in the blog, different versions pop up, the old blog will become a new blog. The same story but with a woman’s touch. So let us explain, you see the first time you see an entry it will be uncut. It will be from Sparky to the posted page, linked in with mistakes in the grammar. It will opinionated could even be considered the X rated version, in tone. So, if you like hard core print be sure to stay closely tuned in.
However, if you prefer the best copy of the Point it will be after Linda, my lovely wife, tears into. She will take her fine scalpel and slice and dice the words, sentences and paragraphs to make them better editorials. I want to say there is no set time as to when these edits will take place it could happen within hours or days. I also want to say that may not be the final edit for Sparky may go in and make a couple of changes. Naturally that is at the risk of being scolded.
When will you know that Linda has not done her editing. You will see the following at the bottom of the page. ” Linda needs to slice and dice this page.”
All pictures on this site are taken by Sparky unless otherwise stated.
Linda needs to slice and dice this page.